Documentation — index

  1. Introduction, installation and first run
  2. Requirements
    What you need to run Giada
  3. Compiling from source
  4. A look at the main window
    How to interact with
  5. Performing part 1
    What can I do with Giada?
  6. Performing part 2
    Understanding channels and sequencer, keyboard interactions
  7. Channels and samples
  8. Channels and MIDI
  9. Recording actions
    How to store your performances
  1. Live sampling
    How to store your performances, episode II
  2. The action editor
    Fine recording tuning
  3. The sample editor
    Fine sound tuning
  4. The FX stack
  5. MIDI input management
    Deal with physical controllers (and more)
  6. Save, load, export
    Save your works, other interesting options
  7. Configuration
    Setting up Giada
  8. Development - Git setup
    Developers, let's join us!