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Giada 0.8.4 for Linux, deb (i386) (amd64)

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Changes in version 0.8.4

  • New mode 'Loop Bar Once'
  • Several small improvements and cleanups to internal utils functions
  • Fixed missing title in several subwindows
  • (win) Fix runtime error when loading a new project
  • Fix chan reset when clicking on waveform
  • Properly close subwindows after a channel has been deleted
  • Fix 'reload' button not working for samples with updated names

About these binaries

We provide experimental 64-bit packages for Linux: will they work? Try them out and tell us your experience!

Plans for the future

Giada is in constant stage of growth; take a look at our roadmap to understand the direction of the development or join the forum to submit feature requests and bugs found.