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Giada 0.9.6 for Linux, deb (i386) (amd64)

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Changes in version 0.9.6

  • Keyboard binding for MIDI channels
  • Support for multiple files in drag-n-drop operations
  • Different color for wait/end statuses
  • Small improvements to Keyboard grabber widget
  • Fix random crashes with Jack enabled
  • Fix weird behavior with multiple drag and drop
  • Code refactoring

About these binaries

We provide experimental 64-bit packages for Linux: will they work? Try them out and tell us your experience!

MD5 checksums

Beware of imitations! This is the only place where to pick up the official Giada's packages.

Giada for Linux, i386ba1d4ad925f114f6c3f9b8d76af30709
Giada for Linux, amd649fc5eaa8830fbf945fe145b7549f2818
Giada for Windows, i386c736f75def9cf376d561eb4bbda28f2d
Giada for OS X, i386d6ed7c49ec799207669a9a05d1b37f4e
Giada source codedce2a1b868ab7f8622bedc81fe8884c4

Plans for the future

Giada is in constant stage of growth; take a look at our roadmap to understand the direction of the development or join the forum to submit feature requests and bugs found.