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Giada 0.9.0 for Linux, deb (i386) (amd64)

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Changes in version 0.9.0

  • New full-screen GUI
  • Multi-column support
  • Advanced logging system
  • Upgrade to RtAudio 4.1.1 and RtMidi 2.1.0
  • Removed embedded RtAudio (thanks to Arty)
  • Fix wrong processing of VST MIDI events on 64 bit version
  • Fix stretched buttons when resizing sample editor window
  • 'Clear all samples' destroys channels (fixed)
  • 'Free channel' messes up loop / mute buttons (fixed)
  • Fix potential recordings with odd frames

About these binaries

We provide experimental 64-bit packages for Linux: will they work? Try them out and tell us your experience!

Plans for the future

Giada is in constant stage of growth; take a look at our roadmap to understand the direction of the development or join the forum to submit feature requests and bugs found.