A screenshot is worth a thousand words.

Giada 0.7.0 ― the new Piano Roll in Action Editor for MIDI and VST Instruments.

Giada 0.7.0 ― churning out some fat pads with Loomer Aspect.

Giada 0.6.2 ― big project with sample editor and action editor.

Giada 0.6.0 ― full screen sample editor.

Giada 0.5.7 ― action editor with grid snap feature.

Giada 0.5.4 ― featuring one of the glorious TAL reverbs for Linux.

Giada 0.5.x ― early version of the action editor.

Giada 0.4.8 ― master out featuring a couple of excellent VST plugins from MDA.

Giada 0.4.5 ― file browser.

Giada 0.4.5 ― configuration panel.

Giada 0.4.5 ― slicing a sound with the sample editor.

Giada 0.4.5 ― in action.