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We are very proud of our source code! Giada is written in a mixture of C and C++ and is made up of ~100 files, ~30,000 lines, plus several other external libraries.

name size (kB) sha
core directory d5b5625760cc7cb18e4deb02def4f8c86f13aee0
deps directory 2e52c165caef3a82fd0e8664dffbc04a1f80263b
ext directory dbbfd7c0cbd06228ace2fbda8d4b13752d20c3ab
glue directory b39907e43f32aa817f62885e32b54964a853f870
gui directory acb5b4257df94b4a16bfb6f8096d7ec958050737
main.cpp 2534 d7829df4e25e1b2c1c5a9152b07894d1118ef6c4
utils directory ca0167dd08e7c50502e7167bd4cba2f78a3bc3de