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We are very proud of our source code! Giada is written in a mixture of C and C++ and is made up of ~100 files, ~30,000 lines, plus several other external libraries.

name size (kB) sha
core directory b3db7ea4e32b6e40f54aaf6a6ee8427774621390
deps directory 4ea2af6724f58af64aa1fa96cb8c8d319b184fd6
ext directory dbbfd7c0cbd06228ace2fbda8d4b13752d20c3ab
glue directory b44f810f5e114c37e0aea343636da455b00e1eba
gui directory b28d5e15ca22826cb63176e3a110366c29d6ca37
main.cpp 2612 d619c5a0b365b5303cd0a0021d9bf8a302422150
utils directory 95f6e56abbf131961b4fd360ced054af0cd2fa5c