README: how to submit bugs

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README: how to submit bugs

Post by FFT » Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:26 am

Rule #1
Please create one topic per issue.

Rule #2
We really love debug messages. Make sure the debug output is enabled in Giada. How to:
  1. open the configuration window;
  2. select "Misc" tab;
  3. enable debug messages "to file".
Giada will now save any debug message to the log file (giada.log), located in one of the following places:
  • on Linux: /home/[your_user]/.giada/giada.log;
  • on Windows: in the same folder of the binary file;
  • on Mac: [your_home]/Library/Application Support/Giada/giada.log
Finally, paste the relevant part of that file in your message.

Rule #3
Don't report bugs about very old versions.

Rule #4
Solved bugs will be marked as [FIXED].

Thank you! ;)

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