Loop switch based on the sample size...

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Loop switch based on the sample size...

Post by glafouk » Fri Aug 16, 2013 1:11 pm

Hi folks...

First of all, a big thanks for your great tool, really...

Got a "question" but it might be a "new feature" so, I dunno much and I ask it here...

I'm a noob with making music with loops (and making music in general) and I "understood" that Giada is based like : if you want to make a kind of "free sequence" on the beats, the timer sync has to be based on "predefined" beats [1/4, 1/8 etc] and the bpm... That means you launch the loop1 rolling, it will loop with the option "no end", but the beats have to be the same "length" than the loop (or half, third, etc), then you click on it to say "hey, at the end, u'll stop" and at the same time you click on the loop2 telling "after the end of loop1, you launch the loop2 with no end" and etc etc etc... That also means to find the correct beat time and bpm for your loop, and to define it for the whole session (no change, or changing on the flow, but not so easy for stoopid like me héhéhé).
My "problem" is : How to deal with several length loops ? Cause if loop1 is based like 1/16 length, and loop2 is 1/4, to chain loop1 to loop2 is perfect, but from loop2 to loop1, loop2 seem to have to play 4 (cause it's smaller) times before you can switch to loop1 again when you click to stop it... So with very different loop length, it seem a bit "complex".
[don't lost that i'm a noob so I might have missed something in the using of Giada, so please don't blame me... and if it's already possible to do it, please explain me héhéhé]

So my "question/suggestion/how to" is : Is there a way (or a future feature) to basicly launch a loop1, length based like 1/32, let it roll X times with no end, then click on it to say "at the end of this looping, you stop" and click on the loop2, length based 1/4, to say "when loop1 is dead, then loop with no end" then click to ask a stop at the end and go for loop3, etc etc, each looping having same or different length... And these, without having to detect/find the correct beat for the loop and without using the "sequence" stuff... In a way it could be something just based on the loop end, activated by the "click to stop it", that detect the sample end and chain the next one asked by a click... (dunno if i'm so clear, but i tried héhéhé). Of course this works only with loop1, loop2, etc same beat (but this works have been made before, when making the sampleds and cutting the loops to prepare the set).

Thanks (and sorry),

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Re: Loop switch based on the sample size...

Post by FFT » Mon Aug 19, 2013 6:41 pm

Hi glafouk,

thank you for your positive feedback! If I've understood well, you are looking for a sort "channel scripting" in which you define in detail how a sample should behave. Unfortunately there's no such thing in Giada (for now); you could simulate something like that by using "oneshot endless" mode and killing (shift+[channel key]) or playing each sample - manually, of course.

By the way the channel scripting seems intriguing; any other thinking about it is welcome. :)

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Re: Loop switch based on the sample size...

Post by The Lo-Am Allstars » Fri Jan 24, 2014 4:46 am

Channel scripting bump! Fascinating idea. Even something like a fourth mode for 'loop' samples, which could be a 'at end of bar, jump to channel [x]'. By breaking a larger sample up and stringing a few together, you could create many bars of melody and still use a short loop length for drums. Or, even for one-shots with actions, which you can access in the actions editor? You could use a tuned sample (or vst if it was available for Midi channels) on different channels.

Someone has mentioned how you can effectively create patterns that are more than the defined loop length here:
http://www.giadamusic.com/forum/post20. ... 2a7e43#p20
Which might help the original poster.
...as always, feel free to smack me down if I've missed something obvious.

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