Giada 0.14.4 - Acheiropoieta

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Giada 0.14.4 - Acheiropoieta

Post by vision » Sat Oct 28, 2017 4:04 pm

Acheiropoieta — also called Icons Made Without Hands — are Christian icons which are said to have come into existence miraculously, not created by a human (Wikipedia).

Release date
October 28, 2017

  • Renameable channels
  • Portable VST path
  • [Sample Editor] Sample shift tool
  • [Sample Editor] Fix non-working 'cut' operation
  • [Linux/Mac] Don't skip '/' path when navigating to upper folders
  • Ability to process more than one plug-in instrument at once
  • Beautify Configuration Window
  • Bring VST window to front when opening UI
  • Save 'arm' status to patch/project file
  • Revamped Beats and Bpm input windows
  • Simplified audio samples' storage in project folders
  • Update JUCE to version 5.1.2
  • UI-less plug-in window refinements
  • Update UI-less plug-in window on MIDI parameter's change
  • Strip .gptc/.gprj extention from patch name
  • Fix missed MIDI events with more than 1 plug-in in the stack
  • Fix File Browser path widget drawn incorrectly in OS X
  • Fix missing MIDI learn for 'Arm channel' and 'Kill channel'

Giada 0.14.4 @ GitHub

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