Giada 0.9.1 - Chandrasekhar

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Giada 0.9.1 - Chandrasekhar

Post by vision » Wed Sep 24, 2014 8:32 pm

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, (October 19, 1910 – August 21, 1995), was an Indian astrophysicist who was awarded the 1983 Nobel Prize for Physics for his mathematical theory of black holes. The Chandrasekhar limit, named after him, is the maximum mass of a stable white dwarf star, or the mass above which electron degeneracy pressure in the star's core is insufficient to balance the star's own gravitational self-attraction. Consequently, white dwarfs with masses greater than the limit undergo further gravitational collapse, evolving into a different type of stellar remnant, such as a neutron star or black hole. (S. Chandrasekhar @ Wikipedia, Chandrasekhar limit @ Wikipedia)

Release date
September 24 , 2014

  • Bring back custom version of rtAudio in source package
  • Automatically turn up volume when adding new channel
  • Updated 'misc' tab in configuration panel
  • Fix startup crash on OS X
  • Fix missing jack headers
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