Giada 0.6.4 - switched at birth

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Giada 0.6.4 - switched at birth

Post by vision » Tue May 07, 2013 10:50 pm

Release date
May 7, 2013

  • Resizable plugin parameter window
  • New and standard package name format
  • Implement RtAudio::getCompiledApi() to fetch compiled APIs
  • Implement audioMasterGetSampleRate, audioMasterGetLanguage VST opcodes
  • Add drop down menu for buffer size values in config panel
  • Enhance project portability between OSes
  • Lots of fixes and improvements for VST strings and parameters
  • Avoid segfault when loading recs from a patch with files not found
  • Always remember selected program when shifting up/down plugins
  • Fix wrong size of single_press displayed in action editor
  • Fix volume actions resized with value set to zero
  • Fix volume envelope always over the cover area
  • Fix src package extracts to current dir
  • Fix segfault in loadpatch process if plugin GUIs are open
  • Fix segfault when closing patch with plugins in BAD status

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