Output is only on one side

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Output is only on one side

Post by jameswhite89 » Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:51 pm

Hi there recently i was looking for some software that would let me play rhythm parts on my guitar
so i could play lead over them, mainly this is so i could play over discord, the program seems very well made gui wise
and most of the features seems pretty self explanatory
however i have 2 main questions:

#1 when i record through my lexicon alpha (https://lexiconpro.com/en/products/alpha) instrument channel with mono selected, using asio settings, the sample plays back through only the left side of my headphones, manipulating the sample after to the right causes only silence, i would like to hear the playback through both headphones if this is possible, if so how can this be done?

#2 this program outputs the audio 2 alpha asio and not my speakers, how can i change this? the main thing i want to do is as i said above record rhythm and play over it on a discord voice channel

Anyways i sure hope some1 can help me understand this. Thanks for the cool program

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Re: Output is only on one side

Post by FFT » Mon Oct 23, 2017 7:20 am

Hi jameswhite89, currently Giada records audio in stereo mode by default. However we have an open feature for mono input in our to-do pipeline, here.

Regarding #2, I suppose you should change the output device: go to "Configuration" panel, "Sound System" tab and select the proper item in "Output device" drop-down menu.

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