Editing good loop end points

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Editing good loop end points

Post by justjaymusic » Mon Jun 23, 2014 8:53 pm


Windows version 0.84

Giada seems to be exactly what I'm looking for an EASY looper for a solo guitarist/vocalist to switch between Verse, Chorus, bridge. Just started using but seem to have an issue getting my loops to end so they are in time adjusting the end loop position is really clunky since there is no grid and even if I try to eyeball it the loop points are off and the loop is not in time.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Re: Editing good loop end points

Post by The Lo-Am Allstars » Thu Jun 26, 2014 2:47 am

Ok, question time! (disclaimer - I ask stupid questions, check my signature)

So, is the problem you're having setting the loop points so that when you switch from one loop to the other, the end of the 'verse' bar fits snugly with the 'chorus', and there's no weird extra half-beat or 2 milliseconds early 'skipping' when it changes over? This would be if you've recorded your own accompaniment, and have loaded it into giada and are splitting it up into verse and chorus sections?
I suppose this would depend on the sound you're looping - if it's fairly basic drumkit, bass and keys you should be able to use the kick to 'eyeball' pretty accurately, especially if you zoom in. If there're ambient sounds or pads or effects in the background, it won't matter how in-time you get it, there'll always be a bit of a mismatch in the sound itself, even if it's perfectly in time and the you've got smooth edges.

Or, is the problem you're having setting the start and end points of each loop to be EXACTLY the same time, to make the EXACTLY the same length so that when it repeats, loops don't drift out of time with eachother?
If they're drifting out of time, it sounds like you've got them on 'loop-basic' and are drifting out of time before they reach the end of the sequence - or are they on 'one-shot-endless' mode and the playhead stopped, and you are just cueing them at the same time and letting them repeat on top of one-another?
How long are the loops you're working with? A few bars each, or the entire verse/chorus as a single loop? If you set them to 'loop once', and make the sequence the same tempo and number of bars as your loops, you can press play, and they'll all cue together on the first beat of every sequence. If they're not all actually in different times, they may only drift a tiny bit out of time before they reach the end of the loop, but next time the sequence starts they'll all cue at the same time again. Or you can put them on "loop-once-bar", and they cue at every bar line.

Does that help at all?
...as always, feel free to smack me down if I've missed something obvious.

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