Hidden buttons on Mac 10.11.4

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Hidden buttons on Mac 10.11.4

Post by manuelmartensen » Wed Apr 27, 2016 10:01 am

After hours of blindly clicking around (OS X 10.11.4) and a lot of swearing at myself and everybody else in an audible distance and hours of wasted time googling the sh*t out of the interwebs I finally figured out what I missed to get the damn Akai LPD8 to work with this beautiful piece of software called Giada. I apparently forgot to put on some night vision goggles! /s

The main tabs (Sound System, MIDI, Behaviors, Misc) in the main "config" window are kind of in stealth mode (as in not really visible). I just couldn’t find the effin’ MIDI tab. Look at my screenshot to get my drift:


Oh and another thing, the latest version of Giara 0.12.0 won’t launch properly on El Capitan, it just bounces once and then crashes. I had to use 0.11.2 to get it running.

Thanks for this awesome software though! Now that I got it running it’s golden! Hope someone in charge reads this. :)

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Re: Hidden buttons on Mac 10.11.4

Post by FFT » Thu Apr 28, 2016 4:43 pm

Hi manuelmartensen,

Thanks for reporting the issue! We are (unfortunately) aware of that invisible menu: there's something wrong with the UI layer, so we had to disable the menu buttons' borders to avoid nasty crashes. That's something we are trying to fix as soon as possible, though. Sorry for the night vision goggles inconvenience :D

We are aware of the crashes on El Capitan too (see here), the issue is under investigation.

Thanks for your kind words ;)

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