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Your hardcore loop machine.

Giada is a free, minimal, hardcore audio tool for DJs, live performers and electronic musicians. How does it work? Just pick up your channel, fill it with samples or MIDI events and start the show by using this tiny piece of software as a loop machine, drum machine, sequencer, live sampler or yet as a plugin/effect host. Giada aims to be a compact and portable virtual device for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows for production use and live sets.

see it in action!

*Lightweight and powerful

32 bit floating point audio engine, sample-accurate looping system, multithread support, super-sleek interface. 100% exotic dependencies free.

*Lots of useful tools

Tweak your sounds with the live sampler from external sources, the live quantizer, a built-in wave editor, the action recorder and the action editor.

*VST and MIDI support

Giada can load VST and VST instruments, as well as read/write MIDI messages from/to any device out there, both hardware and software.

*100% open-source GPL

Giada is constantly under development, free for use and distribution: you can use it without any limitations. Help us to improve it more!

“This software is f*cking awesome.” ― Cinderskull27

“Giada is one of the best open platform audio tool out there.” ― blinkworth1

“Discovering Giada has completely changed my life.” ― D1RTY J0E

latest version: 0.13.4 | docs | fork it on GitHub |

Latest news from our laboratories.

Giada 0.13.3 Chrysopoeia

March 24, 2017 ―

A new version of Giada, 0.13.3 codename chrysopoeia is ready for your hardware! In alchemy, the term chrysopoeia (Greek: χρυσοποιία) means transmutation into gold (from the Greek χρυσός khrusos, "gold," and ποιεῖν poiēin, "to make"). It is symbolically used to indicate the creation of the philosopher's stone and the completion of the Great Work.

The new release features a deep rework of Jack implementation, which provides BPM and Rewind synchronization. We have also fixed some annoying bugs like GitHub issue #99, improved the 'free channel' function and cleaned up the codebase even further.

Giada tutorial #5 - Audio recording

February 17, 2017 ―

Say "Hi" to our new digital friend Bartholomew Davenport! He is the guy who will guide us through the art of audio recording with Giada. In his new tutorial #5 you'll learn how to create a live, loop-based performance with physical instruments and a couple of sample channels. The result: an awesome drone-oriented soundtrack texture built in less than 4 minutes. Must watch.

Giada 0.13.2 "Raudive Tapes" out now

January 13, 2017 ―

A new smashing version of Giada is ready for your desktop. Inspired by Konstantīns Raudive, a guy who investigated electronic voice phenomena (EVP), this release provides MIDI learn for plugins parameters. From now on you can let your favorite MIDI hardware control any VST effect or VST instrument: a golden feature for live performing.

In addition we added the ability to toggle hidden files in File Browser, fortified plugin loading, fixed lots of bugs plus the usual overall cleanup. Enjoy!

New "Press" area available

December 11, 2016 ―

Journalists, writers, bloggers, instagrammers: we are pleased to announce the new Press area on our official website. There you will find press reviews, hi-resolution logos and artworks, social media links and everything else you need to write truly unbiased articles on your favorite piece of software. Go spread the word!

Giada 0.13.1 The Shunned House is out

November 18, 2016 ―

Yesterday we released a new shining version of Giada, number 0.13.1 codename The Shunned House, inspired by the short horror story by H.P. Lovecraft. This episode brings many exciting features:

  • MIDI messages to channels/plugins — now you can play and record your favorite VST instruments through a MIDI keyboard/controller;

  • revamped input dynamics — record actions and sounds is now easier, faster and more intuitive. The new built-in input monitor makes live performances a breeze;

  • many nasty bugs fixed, e.g. crashes on OS X, missing ASIO and WASAPI on Windows, several glitches during action recording process;

  • many UI improvements and other under-the-hood tweaks.

A warm hug to all of you who helped with this release.