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We are very proud of our source code! Giada is written in a mixture of C and C++ and is made up of ~100 files, ~30,000 lines, plus several other external libraries.

name size (kB) sha
core directory 7dc953d45ff281735c9ff58448fed57475525193
deps directory 4d9acf10ebbbdb42bc4726dab1c43d74a398c241
ext directory dbbfd7c0cbd06228ace2fbda8d4b13752d20c3ab
glue directory 709d3cb082f8c061bf3907f8bf0e2418f651585b
gui directory b252e1459d5411bf3aac4450094b3800c2b3b0df
main.cpp 2741 a80e63be53c008d1d650981544493f5c68646326
utils directory 0d023b96e99a011cba69442bdee0d0dd3d5002d4