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We are very proud of our source code! Giada is written in a mixture of C and C++ and is made up of ~100 files, ~30,000 lines, plus several other external libraries.

name size (kB) sha
core directory 9107b4ef0f5e70ac413a5b4f1434619abb394441
deps directory a00ad595b467252d70fce2e48ec3d74d4e1d7296
ext directory dbbfd7c0cbd06228ace2fbda8d4b13752d20c3ab
glue directory 7facdd67a0e551da3d0cbfa4772cbc95fb98d741
gui directory fdf680086bdb1ca85d18fee8c537d488999c6112
main.cpp 2437 9e265a4dce2a9e0ec6e847c6d4dd1177af6a3101
utils directory 71c9d0bc53cc21e6dd4003496f86c42226cb3716