User guide
Channels and MIDI.

MIDI Channel

A MIDI channel contains MIDI events. Strictly bound to the sequencer, you can't trigger a MIDI channel manually as you would do with a Sample channel. The main sequencer must be running if you want to play a MIDI channel.

By clicking on the main button Main button you will be able to edit MIDI events as well as doing further operations. You can add a new MIDI channel by clicking on the button on top of each column on the main window.

Anatomy of a MIDI Channel

A MIDI channel is made of several components. From left to right:

The MIDI channel main button

Clicking on a MIDI channel main button reveals a pop-up menu with several options available:

MIDI Channel button menu

MIDI Channel statuses

Keyboard interactions

MIDI channels are playable by clicking on the channel play button Play button or by pressing the corresponding keyboard/MIDI button if bound:

click on play button Play buttonwait, then start or stop on the next first beat
shift + click on play button Play buttonimmediate stop
click on mute button Mute buttonmute