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“Catoblepas / bugfix 2”

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Giada 0.23.2 Source Code

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Changes in version 0.23.2

  • 'Kill channel' action now rewinds channels in SINGLE_BASIC_PAUSE mode (#599)
  • Update FLTK to latest commit available
  • Fix audio recording always getting trimmed to 4 beats (#613)
  • Fix weird noise when playing two cloned Sample Channels with altered pitch (#602)
  • Fix MIDI channel behavior when key is pressed and channel has ENDING state
  • Fix channel's keyboard triggering not working
  • Fix missing begin/end points and shift value when cloning Sample channels (#601)

Problems with the Linux version?

We provide AppImage packages for Linux on 64 bit architectures. However for the absolute, best, top-notch experience you should also try binaries shipped by the package manager of your favorite distribution. Giada is already available on Debian, Ubuntu, Arch Linux and many more.

Problems with the macOS version?

If Giada doesn't start when double-clicked, try to remove the "quarantine flag" by running these instructions. Additionaly, macOS Gatekeeper might get in the way: follow these instructions to disable it.

MD5 checksums

Beware of imitations! This is the only place where to pick up the latest official Giada packages.

Giada for Linux, 64 bit833566447e18555e2ca54ef547a459f8
Giada for Windows, 64 bit9db22c16215d2d5e22f1728e55f9517e
Giada for macOS, 64 bite051ef7f9196483eb256b16c69b92adb
Giada source code45308720fc6fef94b1a465a9889af216

Plans for the future

Giada is in constant stage of growth; take a look at our roadmap to understand the direction of the development or join the forum to submit feature requests and bugs found.