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Giada 0.14.5 Source Code

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Changes in version 0.14.5

  • OS X builds on Travis CI
  • AppImage executable for Linux
  • Support for multiple plug-in directories
  • New directory browser for adding plug-in directories
  • Midi Input filtering
  • Update plug-in's parameters on program change in plug-in's window
  • Improved MIDI action management in Piano Roll
  • Simplified conditional rules in
  • Fix crash on MIDI learn for plug-in parameters
  • Fix crash in MIDI input window if MIDI in params are 0
  • Fix unwanted new action when dragging piano items in Piano Roll
  • Fix crash while recording on existing project (GitHub #161)
  • Fix crash on startup in Windows build

Problems with the Linux version?

We provide AppImage packages for Linux on 64 bit architectures. However for the absolute, best, top-notch experience you should also try binaries shipped by the package manager of your favorite distribution. Giada is already available on Debian, Ubuntu, Arch Linux and many more.

MD5 checksums

Beware of imitations! This is the only place where to pick up the official Giada's packages.

Giada for Linux, 64 bit468bc2cbf670bb8964addf54366df59b
Giada for Windows, 64 bit9589c451347aa7124071ee3060202e09
Giada for Mac, 64 bit00aeeda2e47c11d337987f56e0c8f856
Giada source codec83bfd7280dd0408dc1315f4df750ab2

Plans for the future

Giada is in constant stage of growth; take a look at our roadmap to understand the direction of the development or join the forum to submit feature requests and bugs found.